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Sessions with Kelly:

30 Minute Session $80
1 hour $150

All sessions are currently taking place virtually, via-zoom, facetime & skype.
-Eastern standard time-

Kelly specializes in Evidential Spirit Mediumship & Psychic Intuitive work.
In her Sessions she uses her Psychic & Intuitive abilities to help her clients in multiple areas of their lives. Some areas that are addressed during a reading are on topics such as relationships, health & wellness, career, financial wellness, and so on. In each reading, she intends to provide her clients with more clarity, information and validation, on each of the subjects that come up at the time. She is also able to connect to those who have passed who are now in Spirit form, providing evidence of who they once were, what they see of your life now as well as to bring through messages.

Holistic Coaching & Medical Mediumship:

These sessions focus more specifically on helping her clients to get themselves into overall better alignment. A person's mental clarity, physical, emotional & spiritual bodies are all intertwined. With intuitive healing her goal is to help her clients to begin to harmonize all four. She does this by taking a look into her client's current state as well as being able to look back into the past to see whether she is able to connect any experiences that may have occurred to any manifested barriers in the body, or for general overall betterment. Kelly is knowledgeable in areas such as diet, nutrition, mental health awareness, trauma, behavioral and addictive patterning and she is able to share her knowledge with clients to provide appropriate modalities to incorporate as well as to integrate new healthy habits. 
She loves to provide service to help her clients so they may create their own path toward steady achievement to bring them closer to their desired outcomes. By reviewing your current goals or by setting new goals together, Kelly provides support for her clients so that they may begin to integrate themselves in a wholesome way.

Spirit Mediumship & Psychic Intuitive Mentoring Session:

1:1 mentoring with Kelly
1 hour $100

Gift Certificate

1 hour session $145

Private Intuitive parties & Mediumship Galleries:
 These Readings are done privately in your own home. 

2 private Intuitive Readings for a 2-hour duration $450, plus travel.
Private Mediumship Gallery: people minimum, max unlimited. 2-hour duration with two Mediums performing. For price please inquire.

Emergency Reading option available upon request

45 minute session $150 

This Reading is done within a 24-hour period.
Please text only (914) 589-6508 for an emergency appointment, thank you.

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