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What is a Psychic?
A psychic is someone with the ability to connect to another individual and is able to sense things that are not available through ordinary sensory perceptions. A Psychics senses are inherently further developed, enabling them to connect through clear seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling and tasting. They are able to obtain factual information through their extra-sensory. A psychic is able to expand past the normal-sensory spectrum and through this awareness they can look further and deeper into different facets of one's life. Past, present and for more clarity on potential, upcoming future opportunities. Some common topics that come up in a reading are relationships, career, wellness, financial, travel, personal and spiritual development and more. 

What is a Medium?
A Medium is capable of communicating with Discarnate Spirits (those who have left their physical bodies and now are in spirit form). Mediums relay information between two levels of reality that requires cooperation by both the Medium and the person in Spirit form. A Medium is a conduit, a bridge between the physical and the non-physical worlds. Mediums provide evidence of not only who the person was here on earth in the physical form, but also that there is in fact life after you have left your physical body. A Medium obtains this information through their extra-sensory as well, blending with that of a Spirit person, being the vessel in which the Spirit may communicate.

Do I need to prepare myself in any way for my session?
Kelly asks that when the session takes place you be in a quiet space free from any distractions, if possible. Also, if the reading is to be done Virtually, please try and be in a place where your internet connection is stable.
Besides that, you don't need to do anything specific. When contacting to set up an appointment Kelly asks not to go into specific details of why you wish to have a reading. The less Kelly knows before the reading, the better. Kelly always trusts that whatever the 
needs of the sitter are at the moment will be addressed organically. Kelly always sets time also that you are going to be able to ask specific questions, as well. If you're intending on a Mediumistic reading, you may set your intentions to yourself to whom you wishing to hear from. But please remember that mediumship is a one-way communication and Spirit has full control of who comes through and what information is to come through.

Can I bring a guest to my session?
Kelly prefers to do readings one-on-one for each of her clients.

Does it matter if my reading is done Via Face-call, or would it be better to be done in person?
A Psychic and/or Medium connects to the Spirit whether incarnate (living, psychic) or discarnate (Spirit Person, Mediumship). Spirit is of a very high intelligence and the information comes from the same place regardless of geography between the Reader and the Sitter. There is no difference, whatsoever.

How do I pay for my Session?
Payments are made before your reading via-Zelle or Venmo.

What is Kelly's cancellation Policy?
If for whatever the reason within the first ten minutes of your session, the link cannot be made, you are able to reschedule or get a full-refund by original form of payment.
If you're needing to cancel your appointment, please give 48 hours' notice prior to your cancellation, kindly.

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