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Kalifano AAA+ grade Crystals & Stones-

Selenite Palm Stone

Labradorite Palm Stone

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Opalite Palm Stone

Petrified Wood Palm Stone

Pyrite aka 'fool's gold'

Large Amethyst Point Brazilian Amatista

Clear Quartz bundle

Black Turmoline Bundle

Angel Aura Quartz

Selenite Skyscraper

Celenite Wand

Selenite Sword 

Gemstone globe with Mother of Pearl Diamond cut ocean

Rose Quartz bundle

Smokey Quartz

Kalifano Alexander Jeweled mirror Swarovski elements Crystals, Amethyst

Cathedral Amethyst Point Bundle

Bicolor Turmoline Bundle

Other Treasures-

Ebony Double-faced Jade Sword Hairpins Handmade Carved Wooden Hair Sticks

Medieval Roman Viking knights engraved metal face sheath scabbard & Gems

Damascus steel, original Camel bone handle, brass spacer and red fiber sheet

Goddess Athame

As an Amazon Affiliate I chose these beautiful items to share with you and hope you enjoy!

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